Secure, Compliant & Connected Data Engagement for IT Pros & Everyday Users
Our inherently social technology allows users to securely and compliantly collect, visualize, and collaborate with identity, device, and situational data.
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Ardian Technologies
Ardian Technologies

Who We Are

Ardian Technologies is on a mission to help organizations restart and solidify operations with a plan that has the long view built in. Over 350 operations, facilities, and IT teams depend on Ardian’s technology to face challenges with disconnected and disparate data and the cost and complexity of adhering to security and privacy compliance regulations.

Our data engagement technology provides real-time situational awareness that helps users feel prepared, informed, and confident as they make data-driven decisions and execute plans A, B, C and beyond.

Our Democratized Data Fabric platform, ArdianStack, boasts inherently social tools that allow users to securely and compliantly collect, visualize, and collaborate with situational data.

Ardian's Data Handling, Identity & Entry Management and IoT-Enabled Situation Monitoring solutions power secure, compliant, and connected experiences. All of our solutions come with over 750 no-code/low-code tools and 1000+ security and privacy controls.


Ardian Pass

Identity & Entry Management

Incorporate health and security data into a rapidly deployed identity & access solution.

Ardian Spaces

IoT Enabled Situation Monitoring

Connect IoT devices to engage with location data and manage on-site operations in real-time.

Ardian Base

Collaborative Data Engagement

Rapidly deploy collaborative data solutions to collect, analyze, and share multi-sourced information.


Democratized Data Fabric Platform

Access, connect, and engage with human, asset and device data.

Secure & Compliant & Accessible
  • 60+ Responsible Data Management Practices
  • 750+ No-Code/Low-Code Visual Tools & Features
  • 1000+ "out-of-the-Box" Data Security & Privacy Controls
Ardian Technologies
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What Clients Say About Us


Ardian’s experience and decades-long reputation for safe and secure outcomes delivered with transparency, integrity, and trust serve as the cornerstone of our engagements with The Presidential Inaugural Committees, Directorates under the Department of Homeland Security, The National Basketball Association, Department of State, JFK Center for the Performing Arts, Library of Congress and Black Entertainment Television.

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